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ترجمه مقاله مزایای بتن پیش تنیده

ترجمه مقاله مزایای بتن پیش تنیده

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ترجمه مقاله مزایای بتن پیش تنیده
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ترجمه مقاله مزایای بتن پیش تنیده

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Cable traction devices

Stress in the operation, the first concrete implementation of good (in terms of material selection, mixing, concrete, concrete curing and other processes) is desired. Other activities include the placement of reinforcement cages, cables, and pulling the cable or wire is at the right time.

Control of pre-tensioned concrete, including regular inspections and concrete ways to achieve good governance and is consistent. Non-uniform deformation of concrete, leading to changes in initial (pre-creep) and other member features are built, why special importance is the uniformity of concrete. Ingrained in the work of concrete with a strength class of 35 to 55 Newton per square mm is used. In the pre-tensioned concrete is usually used to form metal that has high repeatability. Given the low repeatability, using wooden molds is limited. Mold must have sufficient strength of the concrete juice for Jlvgry leaving the concrete, are sealed. Cover sheet form and it is hardly likely to be caused by repeated use, have not Tabydgy and complexity.

Similar pre-tensioned concrete, reinforced concrete members are required to invest some reinforcement. In beams, shear Khamvt exactly where shown on the maps are built. Often, a longitudinal reinforcement to control cracks in concrete members are placed. Embedded near the end of the Persian month Tir already drawn some additional Khamvt probability of cracks caused by Stress reduces the concentrated force, so the reinforcement cage of longitudinal reinforcement, Khamvtha and additional reinforcement applied to force Khamvt Stress will be in place.

Stress major ways:

There are two main methods for pre-tensioned to concrete;

1) the strain 2) after stretching

Pre-strain: the technique of pre-strain, the wire or cable between the two ends are drawn in the context of pre-fabricated. After hardening and curing of concrete, cutting the cable, the tensile force which is free and the cable tension to compression force is transmitted to the concrete. Stress transfer between concrete and steel is sticking through the concrete. Pyvsth molds are usually made by the blade (the walls) that separate the member is required. In some workshops, concrete is poured into a mold and then hardened Pyvsth long, are cut in desired lengths.

After stretching in the stretching technique that is particularly suitable for performing in situ, pods form hollow tubes are embedded in the concrete during manufacturing. After the concrete compressive strength was needed, cable or wire is pulled inside the sheath and are restrained. Finally, the pods are opened by injecting grout.

The advantages of concrete is intertwined:

1) lack of permanent cracks

  One of the important properties of concrete structures were intertwined before leaving is permanent. This makes these structures more durable than concrete and reinforced concrete structures are. Particularly in environments with corrosive gases, and land and marine structures is very important. Intertwined concrete is superior to concrete in building water tanks and reservoirs for not having left the course.

2) low weight structures.

Weight of the concrete structure is intertwined far less than the equivalent weight of reinforced concrete structures. First of all because of the strength of the concrete surface is used, the amount of concrete required is less. Second, because the consumption of steel is more resistant, usually between one third to one-fifth the weight of steel required is equal to the weight of conventional steel.

3) Not prone to downward

Down deflection (deflection) pre-tensioned concrete beams under service loads are usually very low. Before they entered the service loads, the forces of Stress in July there is some upward deflection, which reduces the severity of the rich to the poor.

4) Test structures of this

Intertwined in a concrete structure before entering the service loads, heavily loaded structures by the pre-stress concrete and steel is placed under great stress, and this one sure test of the concrete and steel is be.


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